TTGA Yuvatha Registration Form

About Yuvatha

Yuvatha is a branch of the Triangle Telangana Association (TTGA), geared towards the youth in our community. Its goal is to promote the engagement of our youth in the local Indian and the greater Triangle community through various volunteer opportunities and activities. These activities will help youth in the following ways. They will develop an understanding of our culture and the traditions that are a part of our heritage. They will be able to learn about the current issues that the local community is concerned with and will be presented with the opportunity to address those issues. This knowledge and opportunity will not only allow them to become an active member of the community but will also allow them to have a voice in it. They will learn about the importance of service and giving back to the community. They will be able to work with a group of like-minded individuals, which will allow them to develop a strong social foundation. They will also foster leadership skills and learn about the importance of teamwork, which will help them in their professional lives.

Interested in becoming a New Member?

Membership FAQ:

  • Membership is annual and spans from January to December

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Members must at least be in Middle School 

  • Members' parents must also be registered TTGA members during the given year

Join us by submitting your New Member Application:

  • Complete the online registration form

  • Pay a registration fee of $20

  • Submit a signed copy of this waiver release to


  • Members must volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per year.

  • Upcoming event notifications will be sent out through e-mail along with a volunteer sign-up link.

  • Events must be signed up for ahead of time. Walk-ins without prior registration will not be possible.

  • Members must wear a Yuvatha team T-shirt during all volunteer events except for cultural events, where a name tag must be worn. (T-shirts will be provided upon registration and related information will be sent out through e-mail.)

  • Members are responsible for checking in and checking out with the event coordinator on the day of the event. Hours will be tracked through this process. Failure to check in or check out will result in those hours not being counted.

  • If you are unable to attend an event you signed up for, please contact the event co-ordinator or as soon as possible. You will not be allowed to cancel sign-up after 48 hours prior to the event, unless in the event of emergency.

  • Certificates: At the end of the year, members will receive certificates listing the number of volunteer hours accumulated during that year. 


    • If you sign-up for an event and do not attend without prior notice, 1 hour will be removed from the hours you have already accumulated.

    • If you fail to attend three or more events, which you have signed up for without prior notification, you will not be allowed to sign-up for the next 2 events.

    • Non-disciplinary actions at events will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from Yuvatha.

President’s Volunteer Service Award

To learn more about the President's Volunteer Service Award as well as the eligibility criteria, please visit If you are eligible and interested in applying to this award, please contact us at (We are currently waiting for the approval that would allow us to be involved in the President's Volunteer Service Award process.)


For any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

Price: $ 20